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When I was a student at NYU, I chose communications as a major mostly because it meant I got to talk about movies, TV shows, and ads in class (and I had "Mad Men" fantasies before that show even existed). But I soon realized that communications is part of everything we do, see, and feel, and I understood how profound it is. Communications informs, persuades, excites, scares, angers... it ignites every human emotion.


I've been lucky enough to work in various industries and across multiple communications disciplines; I am a both a creative and strategic thinker (and do'er), I'm an experienced writer and editor, have extensive experience in high-profile and complex project management, and have provided strategic counsel to C-Suite staff and leadership.

My goal with Synergia Communications is to be a true partner and a trusted extension of your team. You and your team are great on your own, but we can achieve remarkable things together. 

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